Jul 03, 2021


For a woman a relationship can be her biggest support or her biggest weakness. Being a female, a woman is more prone to have relationship problems than that of a man as females are more sensitive and emotional. There are very few chances of hitting the right person in the very first date. Following are the dating advices for women which they need to ace, in order to hit their Mr. Right.

BE WITH SOMEONE WHO CAN LIVE WITH YOUR FLAWS- In this world, no one is perfect but men’s have a bad habit to dump one girl for other beautiful girl. If your boyfriend suffers from same syndrome, a woman should dump him before he dumps you. A woman should fall for a man who accepts her with all her flaws be it physical, mental or emotional. To discover that man, it may take some time but don’t give up.

DON’T WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TEARS ON A STUPID-Take dating as test before the final exam. So if you have failed in one or two it doesn’t matter, it’s just making you more experienced. So after a failed dating, don’t cry out for a fool, instead get on track, and hang out with friends and start dating again.

DON’T AKE PERMANENT DECISIONS ON THE TEMPORARY FEELINGS- This small mistake can lead a woman to a disastrous relationship problem. Therefore when a woman feels for a man she must wait and watch, this wait will make her analyze herself better as well as she can see the man a bit more clear. Once woman got married, best or worst (man), she have to bear him.

GEAR DOWN AND SLOW DOWN- In dating women are more anxious than men to get commitment and in order to achieve this commitment, sometime they make things move too fast, leaving the men confused or in some case frightened. So keep the things in low pace so that the man you are interested in can get comfortable as well as develop feelings for you.

NEVER LET YOUR PAST INTERFERE IN YOUR PRESENT- To make the best of dating, a woman should never let her Ex- boyfriend to interfere in her life anymore. If you let him in, it will definitely ruin your dating life and will try to get you back but keep in mind one thing that past is past.

TRY, TRY AND TRY, UNTILL YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE- The best dating advice for women is to play free. Date the men you like until you find the perfect one; don’t let a breakup ruin your life. It may take a while but never give up on hopes because you deserve the best man and don’t settle for anything less. In this world there are lots of men and each man is different, so cheer up and date back to back to find your prince charming.